Hotels are the most complicated and specialized form of commercial real estate.

They are both capital and labor intensive and a specialized undertaking. Without the right brand, reservation system, financial leverage and management, they are just expensive buildings with beds.

Institutional owners engage Quorum to assume operational control of their hotel assets. In most situations, the selection of an independent operator such as Quorum to operate the hotel offers a number of strategic advantages, such as:
  • Ability to position/brand property based on market needs not chain requirements
  • Shorter term, more highly-focused and experienced management
  • Terminable-on-sale agency agreements
  • Fees focused on creating value


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As an independent hotel operator, Quorum will first develop a solution custom tailored to ownership’s objectives and the current market. The next step is to then select the best brand available. Quorum arrives at its strategic positioning solutions by conducting an in-depth analysis of the asset's physical and operational attributes. This includes:
  • Competitive status of the asset - physical, brand and people.
  • Conduct supply and demand analysis of primary and secondary competitors.
  • Establish primary and secondary business segments and evaluate the performance of existing global distribution systems.
  • Compare historical financial performance against industry standards; evaluate accounting, payroll, inventory and financial controls.
  • Review of hospitality standards, staffing, organizational structure, training and compensation programs, labor / employee relations and employee profiles.
  • Analysis of PMS, life safety & security systems; determine physical upgrades required in relation to market positioning and valuation of ADA compliance.

As an independent operator, Quorum takes care of the ‘heavy lifting’ to ensure the results achieved meet or exceed the agreed investment strategy.
Quorum has consistently exceeded our expectations over the years, particularly ...
- David Brown - President & CEO - Somera Capital Management, LLC