Quorum believes that in the management business it’s all about the size of your knowledge base. No one wants to hire a group who is doing on‐the‐job training. They want experience. Someone who has been there, done it right a number of times, and knows where to find the solutions. That’s Quorum.
To date the company had been engaged to manage or provide advisory services to more than 165 full service hotels containing over 52,000 keys.

How many hotels is that?
  • If you combine the current portfolios of Ritz‐Carlton and Four Seasons you get close to 160 hotels
  • 400% more than are in the Omni Hotels portfolio
  • 10 more hotels than in the entire Westin chain
  • 134 more than in the entire “W” Hotel collection
We have worked with 17 international brands and 24 independents. Traveled to 28 states, Canada, and the Cayman Islands and represented over 36 institutional clients.

Senior management has worked together since 1985 and has over 300 years of industry experience. We have served on the boards of the premier industry associations, attended every major brand convention, recruited at every major hotel school in the USA, and have the broken luggage and airline miles to prove it!!

That’s how we know…… How To Make Hotels Work!

All figures used were sourced from data posted on each company's website.