Melissa Stillwell

Melissa Stillwell

VP Revenue Management

PHONE: 972-458-7265

EMAIL: mstillwell@quorumhotels.com

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Ms. Stillwell joined Quorum in 1999 from the Parkway Plaza Hotel in Casper, Wyoming. Her extensive background in front office operations enabled her to design and develop a comprehensive revenue management practice for the company. She is responsible for all revenue management programs for Quorum including: day to day revenue decisions, rate management, training of all Revenue Directors and staff, Reservations oversight, and the analysis of all Smith Travel Research & Hotelligence data. In addition to Revenue Management, she has been instrumental in setting up Rooms Division Operations at several Quorum properties, including The Brown Palace/Comfort Inn Complex, Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center, and the Holiday Inn Casper & Holiday Inn Virginia Beach.